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Normal Monsters Alpha The Magnet Warrior Beaver Warrior Beta The Magnet Warrior Celtic Guardian Dark Magician Feral Imp Gamma The Magnet Warrior

Gazelle The King Of Mythical Beasts Giant Soldier Of Stone Jack’s Knight Mystical Elf

Queen’s Knight Silver Fang Summoned Skull Effect Monsters Archfiend Of Gilfer Berfomet Big Shield Gardna Buster Blader Dark Magician Girl Electromagnetic Turtle King’s Knight Kuriboh Obnoxious Celtic Guardian Sangan Slifer, The Sky Dragon Valkyrion The Magna Warrior

Fusion Monsters Chimera The Flying Mythical Beast Dark Paladin
Spell Cards Brain Control Card Destruction Card Of Sanctity Change Of Heart De-Fusion Diffusion-Wave Motion Double Spell
Exchange Exile Of The Wicked Fiend’s Sanctuary Graceful Charity
Magic Formula Magical Dimension Monster Reborn Multiply Mystic Box Polymerization Pot Of Greed
Soul Taker
Spell Shattering Arrow Swords Of Revealling Light The Shallow Grave Thousand Knives
Trap Cards Chain Destruction Collected Power Dust Tornado
Light Of Intervention Lightforce Sword Magic Cylinder Magical Hats Mirror Force Mystical Refpanel
Seven Tools Of The Bandit Shift
Soul Rope
Spellbinding Circle
The Regulation Of Tribe Time Seal

Normal Monsters Battle Ox Blue-Eyes White Dragon Gadget Soldier Garoozis Hitotsu-Me Giant Hyozanryu La Jinn The Mystical Genie Of The Lamp Ryu-Kishin Powered Saggi The Dark Clown
Swordstalker Vorse Raider X-Head Cannon Effect Monsters Blade Knight Boar Soldier Cyber Jar D.D. Warrior Dark Zebra Dragon Seeker
Kaiser Glider Kaiser Sea Horse Lord Of D. Maha Vailo
Obelisk The Tormentor Thunder Dragon Y-Dragon Head Z-Metal Tank Fusion Monsters Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon XY-Dragon Cannon XYZ-Dragon Cannon Spell Cards Card Of Demise Cost Down De-Spell
Enemy Controller Fiend’s Sanctuary Graceful Charity
Lullaby Of Obedience Mesmeric Control Monster Reborn Polymerization Pot Of Greed
Ring Of Defense Shrink Silent Doom Soul Exchange Spell Absorption Spell Reproduction Stop Defense The Flute Of Summoning Dragon Trap Cards Cloning Crush Card Virus Final Attack Orders
Interdimensional Matter Transporter
Ring Of Destruction
Virus Cannon

Normal Monsters
Alligator’s Sword Axe Raider Baby Dragon Battle Warrior Lesser Dragon M Warrior #1 M Warrior #2 Nekogal #1 Petit Dragon Red-Eyes Black Dragon Steel Ogre Grotto #1 Swordsman Of Landstar Tiger Axe Effect Monsters Gearfried The Iron Knight
Gilford The Lightning
Hayabusa Knight Insect Queen Jinzo Kiseitai Little-Winguard
Panther Warrior Rocket Warrior The Fiend Megacyber Time Wizard Fusion Monsters Alligator Sword Dragon
Giltia The D. Knight Metal Dragon Thousand Dragon Spell Cards
Foolish Burial Giant Trunade Graceful Dice Gust Fan
Legendary Sword Lightning Blade Monster Reborn Polymerization Pot Of Greed Premature Burial Question
Roulette Spider Scapegoat Shield & Sword
Trap Cards Castle Walls Fairy Box Graverobber
Kunai With Chain Magical Arm Shield Nutrient Z Reinforcements
Skull Dice
Trap Hole With Spikes

Normal Monsters
Gil Garth
Melchid the Four-Face Beast

Effect Monsters
Dark Jeroid
Holding Arms
Holding Legs
Lava Golem
Legendary Fiend
Lord Poison
Makyura The Destructor
Masked Beast Des Gardius
Revival Jam
The Winged Dragon of Ra
The Winged Dragon of Ra- Immortal Phoenix
The Winged Dragon of Ra-Sphere Mode

Fusion Monsters 
Egyptian God Slime 
Bait Doll
Black Pendant
Card Of Sanctity
Jam Breeding Machine
Left Arm Offering
Magical Stone Of Excavation
Monster Reborn
Pot Of Greed
Premature Burial
Remove Trap
Spell Of Pain
The Mask Of Remnants
Tribute Burial
Vengeful Bog Spirit

Card Of Last Will
Coffin Seller
Dark Spell Regeneration
Hidden Soldiers
Jam Defender
Malevolent Catastrophe
Metal Reflect Slime
Mirror Force
Nightmare Wheel
Relieve Monster
Rope Of Life

Effect Monsters

Cestus of Dagla
Dragged Down into the Grave
Monster Reborn
Spell Reproduction
Swords of Revealing Light

Blast Held by a Tribute
Exchange of the Spirit
Null and Void

Normal Monsters Amphibian Beast Aqua Madoor Armored Zombie Dragon Zombie Dunames Dark Witch Earthbound Spirit Flying Fish Flying Kamakiri #2 Grand Tiki Elder Great White Ground Attack Bugroth Harpie Lady Headless Knight Jellyfish
Left Arm Of The Forbidden One Left Leg Of The Forbidden One Mechanicalchaser Megasonic Eye Melchid The Four-Face Beast
Right Arm Of The Forbidden One Right Leg Of The Forbidden One Rogue Doll Seiyaryu Serpent Night Dragon Shining Abyss Souls Of The Forgotten The Earl Of Demise The Gross Ghost Of Fled Dreams The Portrait’s Secret The Snake Hair Three-Headed Geedo Worm Drake
Effect Monsters Amazoness Chain Master Amazoness Fighter Amazoness Swords Woman Cockroach Knight Cocoon Of Evolution Crass Clown Cyber Harpie Lady Dark Necrofear Dark Ruler Ha Des
Exodia, The Forbidden One Flying Kamakiri #1 Gear Golem The Moving Fortress Gernia
Goblin Zombie
Great Moth Hannibal Necromancer Harpie Lady Sisters Insect Soldiers Of The Sky Jowgen The Spiritualist Larvae Moth Leghul Legion The Fiend Jester Machine King Malice Doll Of Demise Masked Beast Des Gardius
Mother Grizzly Mystic Tomato Mystical Beast Of Serket Parasite Paracide Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth Pinch Hopper Puppet Master Reflect Bounder Revival Jam Skull-Mark Ladybug Stone Statue Of The Aztecs The Legendary Fisherman The Unfriendly Amazon Wall Of Illusion Ritual Monsters Fortress Whale The Masked Beast Zera The Mant Fusion Monsters
Great Mammoth Of Goldfine Humanoid Worm Drake Spell Cards Amazoness Spellcaster Amplifier Anti-Magic Arrows Card Of Safe Return Chosen One Curse Of Fiend Curse Of The Masked Beast Dark Designator Dark Magic Curtain Dark Sanctuary
Ectoplasmer Elegant Egotist Eradicating Aerosol Fortress Whale’s Oath Harpie’s Feather Duster Hinotama Infinite Cards Insect Barrier
Jam Breeding Machine
Machine Controversy Factory Machine Duplication Mask Of Brutality Mask Of Dispel Mask Of The Accursed Meteor Of Destruction Mind Control Multiplication Of Ants Nightmare’s Steelcage Raigeki Return Of The Doomed
Spirit Message “A” Spirit Message “I” Spirit Message “L” Spirit Message “N” Temple Of The Kings The Dark Door The Mask Of Remnants Tribute To The Doomed Umi Zera Ritual Trap Cards Amazoness Archers Call Of The Haunted Coffin Seller Curse Of Anubis Dark Renewal Dark Spirit Of The Silent Destiny Board Dramatic Rescue Embodiment Of Apophis
Gravity Bind Judgement Of Anubis Magic Jammer Mask Of Restrict Mask Of Weakness
Metalmorph Mirror Wall Multiple Destruction
Skull Invitation
Solemn Judgment Tornado Wall Torrential Tribute

*ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ: Σε αυτό ΜΟΝΟ το Old School Πρωτάθλημα, ο κάθε μονομάχος έχει το δικαίωμα να επιλέξει από την λίστα των απαγορευμένων καρτών {ΒΑΝ (0)} 3 ΟΠΟΙΕΣΔΗΠΟΤΕ (διαφορετικές) κάρτες για να φτιάξει την τράπουλα του.

BAN (0)
Change Of Heart Cyber Jar Dark Sanctuary Graceful Charity Gravity Bind Harpie's Feather Duster Mirror Force Monster Reborn Pot Of Greed Raigeki The Winged Dragon Of Ra-Sphere Mode Torrential Tribute

Anti Magic Arrows
Brain Control Call Of The Haunted
Card Destruction Card Of Demise Card Of Last Will Card Of Safe Return Crush Card Virus Dark Door
Egyptian God Slime
Exchange Of The Spirit Exodia The Forbidden One Fairy Box Giant Trunade Holding Arms Holding Legs Jinzo Juragedo Lava Golem Left Arm Of The Forbidden One Light Leg Of The Forbidden One Legion,The Fiend Jester Lullaby Of Obedience Magic Cylinder
Malevolent Catastrophe Metal Reflect Slime Nightmare Steelcage Nightmare Wheel Obelisk The Tormentor Premature Burial Right Arm Of The Forbidden One Right Leg Of The Forbidden One
Ring Of Destruction Sangan
Slifer,The Sky Dragon
Solemn Judgment
Swords Of Revealing Light
Temple Of The Kings
The Winged Dragon Of Ra
The Winged Dragon Of Ra-Immortal Phoenix

Dark Renewal
D. D. Warrior
Magical Dimension
Mask Of The Accursed
Reflect Bounder
Soul Taker
Wall Of Illusion

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