DUEL MONSTER'S GRAND TOYR LIST (TAG DUEL) - Greek Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans: Νέα-Ενημέρωση/Επεισόδια Yugioh/Άρθρα/Τουρνουά/Yugioh Store


Normal Monsters
Alligator's Sword Alpha The Magnet Warrior Amphibian Beast Ancient Elf Ancient Tool Anthrosaurus Aqua Madoor Armaill Armored Lizard Armored Zombie
Axe Raider Baby Dragon Basic Insect Battle Ox Battle Steer Battle Warrior Beaver Warrior Beta The Magnet Warrior Big Insect Blackland Fire Dragon Blue-Eyes White Dragon Bolt Penguin Cave Dwelling Dragon Celtic Guardian Claw Reacher Clown Zombie Crawling Dragon
Cosmo Queen Curse Of Dragon Curtain Of The Dark Ones Cyber Commander Cyber Falcon Cyber Soldier Of Darkworld Cyber-Tech Alligator Dark Assaillant
Dark King Of The Abyss Dark Magician Dark Rabbit Destroyer Golem Doma The Angel Of Silence Dragon Zombie Dunames Dark Witch Dungeon Worm Earthbound Spirit Fairy's Gift Feral Imp Firewing Pegasus Flame Cerberus Flying Fish Flying Kamakiri #2 Flying Penguin Gadget Soldier Gaia The Fierce Knight Gamma The Magnet Warrior Garnecia Elefantis Garoozis Gatekeeper Gazelle The King Of Mythical Beasts Gemini Elf Giant Red Seasnake Giant Soldier Of Stone Giganto Giga-Tech Wolf Gil Garth Gokibore Gradius Grand Tiki Elder Great White Griffore Ground Attacker Burgroth Gyakutenno Megami Happy Lover Harpie Lady Headless Knight Hercules Beetle Hitotsu-Me Giant Humanoid Slime Hyozanryu Illusionist Faceless Mage Inpachi Jack's Knight Jellyfish Judge Man Kagemusha Of The Blue Flame Kageningen Killer Needle King Of Yamimakai
Kojikojy Koumori Dragon Labyrinth Wall Lady Of Faith
La Jinn The Mystical Genie Of The Lamp Launcher Spider Left Arm Of The Forbidden One Left Leg Of The Forbidden One Leogun
Lizard Soldier Luster Dragon Luster Dragon #2 Mammoth Graveyard Masaki The Legendary Swordsman Master Kyonshee Mechanicalchaser Megasonic Eye Melchid The Four-Face Beast Meotoko Metal Guardian Millenium Golem Millenium Shield Monster Tamer M-Warrior #1 M-Warrior #2 Mystical Elf Mystic Horseman One-Eyed Shield Dragon Oni-Tank T-34 Parrot Dragon Petit Angel Petit Dragon Queen's Knight Red Archery Girl Red-Eyes Black Dragon Right Arm Of The Forbidden One Right Left Of The Forbidden One Robotic Knight Rock Ogre Grotto #1 Rogue Doll Rude Kaiser Ryu-Kishin Powered Ryu-Ran Saggi The Dark Clown Science Soldier Seiyaryu Sengenjin Serpent Night Dragon Shining Abyss Shining Friendship Silver Fang Skull Stalker Sky Dragon Slot Machine Sonic Maid Souls Of The Forgotten Soul Tiger Spirit Of The Harp Stone Armadiller Summoned Skull Sword Arm Of Dragon Sword Slasher Swordsman Of Landstar Swordstalker The 13th Grave The Earl Of Demise The Furious Sea King The Gross Ghost Of Fled Dreams The Portrait's Secret The Snake Hair Thousand-Eyes Idol Three-Headed Geedo Tiger Axe Toon Alligator Twin-Headed Fire Dragon Two-Headed King Rex Vorse Raider Warrior Dai Grepher Water Omotics Winged Dragon, Guardian Of The Fortress #1 Worm Drake X-Head Cannon Yaranzo Zoa

Effect Monsters
4 Starred Ladybug Of Doom
Airknight Parshath
Amazonness Chain Master Amazonness Fighter Amazonness Swords Woman Ancient Lamp Andro Sphinx Archfiend of Gilfer Asura-Priest Barrel Dragon Berfomet Berserk Dragon Berserk Gorilla Big Shield Gardna Blade Knight Blast Sphere Blockman Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
Blue Flame Swordsman Boar Soldier Bowganian Breaker The Magical Warrior Buster Blader Cannon Soldier Castle Of Dark Illusions Catapult Turtle Cave Dragon Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy Of The End Chiron The Mage Cockroach Knight Cocoon Of Evolution Command knight Copycat Crass Clown Cure Mermaid Cyber Jar Cyber Harpie Lady Cyber Raider Dark-Eyes Illusionist Dark Jeroid Dark Ruler Ha Des Dark Magician Girl Dark Magician Knight Dark Necrofear Dark Sage Dark Zebra D.D. Warrior Deepsea Warrior Des Feral Imp Des Voltsgalph
Diabound Kernel
Different Dimension Dragon Divine Serpent Geh Doomcaliber Knight Dragon Piper Dragon Seeker Dreamsprite Drillago Electric Snake Electromagnetic Turtle Exodia Necross Exodia The Forbidden One Familliar Knight Fenrir Fiber Jar Fire Princess Fire Sorcerer Flying Elephant Flying Kamakiri #1 Fortune Chariot Gandora The Dragon Of Destruction Gate Guardian Gearfried The Iron Knight Gearfried The Swordmaster Gear Golem The Moving Fortress Gernia Giant Germ Giant Rex Gilasaurus Gilford The Lightning Glife The Phantom Bird Goblin Attack Force Goblin Zombie Goddess With The Third Eye Gradius' Option Granadora Great Long Nose Great Moth Green Gadget Guardian Angel Joan Guardian Dreadscythe Guardian Eatos Guardian Elma Guardian Grarl Guardian Kay'est Gyaku-Gire Panda Hannibal Necromancer Harpie Lady Sisters Harpie's Pet Dragon Hayabusa Knight Helpoemer Hexe Trude Hiro's Shadow Scout Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi Holding Arms Holding Legs Hysteric Fairy Inaba White Rabbit Injection Fairy Lily Insect Queen Insect Soldiers Of The Sky Ipiria Iron Hans Iron Knight Jigen Bakudan Jinzo Jirai Gumo Jowgen The Spiritualist Juragedo Kaiser Glider Kaiser Sea Horse Kazejin Kelbek Keldo Kinetic Soldier King's Knight Kiryu Kiseitai
Kuribah Kuribandit
Kuriboh Kuriboo
Lady Panther Lava Battleguard Lava Golem Larvae Moth Legendary Fiend Legendary Knight Critias Legendary Knight Hermos Legendary Knight Timaeus Leghul Legion The Fiend Jester Lekunga Little Winguard Lord Of D. Lord Poison Machine King Magician Of Faith Magician's Valkyria Maha Vailo Maju Garzett Makyura The Destructor Malice Doll Of Demise Man-Eater Bug Manga Ryu-Ran Marauding Captain Marie The Fallen One(Darklord Marie) Marshmallon Masked Beast Des Gardius Mask Of Darkness Maximum Six Metalzoa Mirage Knight Morphing Jar Mother Grizzly Mudora Mystical Beast Of Serket Mystic Tomato Neko Mane King Newdoria Nightmare Penguin Obelisk The Tormentor Obnoxious Celtic Guard Old Vindictive Magician Orgoth The Relentless Orichalcos Shunoros Otohime Panther Warrior Parasite Paracide Penguin Knight
Penguin Torpedo
Perfect Machine King Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth Peten The Dark Clown Pinch Hopper Pitch-Dark Dragon Possessed Dark Soul Prinzessin Pumpkin Carriage Pumpkin The King Of Ghosts Puppet Master Rare Metal Dragon Reaper Of The Cards Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon Red Gadget Reflect Bounder Revival Jam Rocket Warrior Sangan Sanga Of The Thunder Sasuke Samurai Satellite Cannon Shadow Ghoul Shadow Tamer Silent Magician Lv.4 Silent Magician Lv.8 Silent Swordsman Lv.3 Silent Swordsman Lv.5 Silent Swordsman Lv.7 Sinister Serpent Skelengel Skilled Dark Magician Skull-Mark Ladybug Slate Warrior Slifer The Sky Dragon Sorcerer Of Dark Magic Spear Dragon Spell Canceller Sphinx Teleia Spirit Ryu Stone Statue Of The Aztecs Strike Ninja Suijin Swamp Battleguard Swift Gaia The Fierce Knight Sword Hunter The Fiend Megacyber The Forgiving Maiden Theinen The Great Sphinx The Legendary Fisherman The Rock Spirit The Tricky The Unfriendly Amazon The Unhappy Maiden The Wicked Worm Beast The Winged Dragon Of Ra The Winged Dragon Of Ra - Immortal Phoenix The Winged Dragon Of Ra - Sphere Mode Thunder Dragon Thunder Nyan Nyan Timeater Time Wizard Toon Dark Magician Girl Toon Gemini Elf Toon Masked Sorcerer Toon Mermaid Toon Summoned Skull Twin-Headed Behemoth Tyrant Dragon Valkyrie Brunhilde Valkyrie Dritte Valkyrie Erste Valkyrie Zweite Valkyrion The Magna Warrior Vampire Lord Versago The Destroyer Wall Of Illusion Wall Shadow Wandering Mummy Watapon White Magical Hat Witch Of The Black Forest Yamata Dragon Yata Garasu
Y-Dragon Head Yellow Gadget Yowie
Z-Metal Tank Zolga

Ritual Monsters Black Luster Soldier Fortress Whale Lord Of The Red Magician Of Black Chaos Paladin Of Dark Dragon Paladin Of White Dragon Relinquished Shinato, King Of A Higher Plane The Masked Beast Zera The Mant
Fusion Monsters Alligator's Sword Dragon Amulet Dragon Barox Bickuribox B.Skull Dragon
Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Chimera The Flying Mythical Beast Dark Flare Knight Dark Magician Girl The Dragon Knight Dark Paladin Doom Virus Dragon Dragoness The Wicked Knight Dragon Master Knight Egyptian God Slime
Empress Judge Five Headed Dragon Flame Swordsman Gaia The Dragon Champion Giltia The D.Knight Goddess Bow Great Mammoth Of Goldfine Humanoid Worm Drake Kamionwizard Mirror Force Dragon Musician King Punished Eagle Rabid Horseman Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword Roaring Ocean Snake Rocket Hermos Cannon Skelgon St.Joan Super Roboyarou Thousand Dragon Thousand-Eyes Restrict Timaeus The Knight Of Destiny Time Magic Hammer Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon Tyrant Burst Dragon XY-Dragon Cannon XYZ-Dragon Cannon Zombie Warrior

Spells 7 Completed A Deal With The Dark Ruler A Legendary Ocean Amazon Spellcaster Amplifier Anti-Magic Arrows Armor With Laser Cannon A Wingbeat Of A Giant Dragon Bait Doll Berserker Soul Black Illusion Ritual Black Luster Ritual Black Magic Ritual Black Pendant Block Attack Book Of Secret Arts Brain Control Breath Of Light Burning Land Butterfly Dagger-Elma Card Destruction Card Exchange Card Of Demise Card Of Safe Return Card Of Sanctity Celestial Swors-Eatos Chain Energy Change Of Heart Chorus Of Sanctuary Chosen One Cold Wave Contract With Exodia Cost Down Curse Of Fiend Curse Of The Masked Beast Cyber Shield Cyclon Laser Dangerous Machine Type-6 Dark Core Dark Dragon Ritual Dark Hole Dark Magic Curtain Dark Sanctuary De-Fusion De-Spell Diffusion Wave-Motion Dimension Distortion Dimension Fusion Dimensionhole Double Snare Double Spell
Dragged Down Into The Grave Dragon's Gunfire Dragon Treasure Ectoplasmer Elegant Egotist Elf's Light Emblem Of Dragon Destroyer Emergency Provisions Enemy Controller Eradicating Aerosol Exchange Exile Of The Wicked Fiend's Sanctuary Final Light Fissure
Five Star Twilight Foolish Burial Fortress Whale's Oath Garma Sword's Oath Giant Trunade Gingerbread House Glass Slippers Goddess Skuld's Oracle Goddess Verdande's Guidance Goddess Urd's Verdict Golden Castle Of Strongberg Gold Moon Coin Gold Sarcophagus Graceful Charity Graceful Dice Gravity Axe - Grarl Gryphon's Feather Duster Guarded Treasure Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation Harpie's Feather Duster Heart Of The Underdog Heavy Storm Hinotama Horn Of The Unicorn Inferno Tempest Infinite Cards Insect Barrier Invigoration Iron Cage Jam Breeding Machine Kishido Spirit Laser Cannon Armor Left Arm Offering Legend Of Heart Lightning Blade Limiter Removal
Loge's Flame Lullaby Of Obedience Machine Conversion Factory Mage Power Magical Dimension Magical Labyrinth Magical Stone Of Excavation Magic Formula Magicians Unite Magic Reflector Magnet Reverse Makiu, The Magical Mist Marshmallon Glasses Mask Of Brutality Mask Of Dispel Mask Of The Accursed Megamorph Mesmeric Control Mimicat Mind Control Mirage Nightmare Mischief Of The Time Goddess Monster Reborn Monster Reincarnation Mooyan Curry Moracle Boost Multiplication Of Ants Multiply My Body As A Shield Mystical Moon Mystical Space Typhoon Mystic Box Nightmare's Steelcage Nobleman Of Crossout Offerings To The Doomed Painful Choice Penguin Sword Polymerization Pot Of Greed Premature Burial Question Raigeki Reaper Scythe - Dreadscythe Rebellion Red-Eyes Transmigration Red Medicine Reinforcement Of The Army Release Restraint Remove Trap Return Of The Doomed Ride Of The Valkyries Ring Of Defense Ring Of Magnetism Riryoku Rod Of Silence - Kay'est Rod Of The Mind's Eye Roulette Spider Sage's Stone Salamandra Scapegoat Scroll Of Bewitchment Sebek's Blessing Shield & Sword Shinato's Ark Shine Palace Shrink Silent Doon Silver Bow And Arrow Soul Absorption Soul Exchange Soul Release Soul Taker
Spell Absorption Spell Of Pain Spell Reproduction Spell-Shattering Arrow Spirit Message "A" Spirit Message "I" Spirit Mesaage "L" Spirit Message "N" Spiritual Energy Settle Machine Spring Of Rebirth Stamping Destruction Stop Defense
Summon Dice Swords Of Revealling Light Temple Of The Kings The A. Forces The Claw Of Hermos The Dark Door The Eye Of Timaeus The Fang Of Critias The Flute Of Summoning Dragon The Mask Of Remnants The Seal Of Orichalcos The Shallow Grave The Warrior Returning Alive Thousand Knives Ties Of Brethren Token Thanksgiving Toon Rollback Toon Table Of Contents Toon World Tribute Burial Tribute To The Doomed Tricky Spell 4 Umi
Valkyrie's Embrace Vengeful Bog Spirit Water Of Life White Dragon Ritual Yellow Luster Shield Zera Ritual

Traps Amazon Archers Apple Of Enlightment Backup Soldier Bad Reaction To Simouchi Black Illusion
Blast Held By A Tribute Bottomless Trap Hole Burst Breath Call Of The Earthbound Call Of The Haunted Card Of Last Will Chain Destruction Cloning Coffin Seller Collectes Power Crush Card Virus Dark Renewal Dark Spirit Of The Silent
Dark Spell Regeneration Deck Destruction Virus Destiny Board DNA Surgery Double Magical Arm Bind Dragon Capture Jar Dragon's Rage Dramatic Rescue Driving Snow Drop Off Dust Tornado Earthshaker Embodiment Of Apophis Exchange Of The Spirit Fairy Box Final Attack Orders Gamble Gift Of The Mystical Elf Gorgon's Eye Graverobber Gravity Bind Gust Harpie's Feather Storm Hidden Soldiers Horn Of Heaven Imperial Order Infinite Dismissal Interdimensional Matter Transporter Jam Defender Judgement Of Anubis Just Desserts Kunai With Chain Last Turn Life Absorbing Machine Lightforce Sword Light Of Intervention
Loge's Flame Magical Arm Shield Magical Hats Magic Cylinder Magic Jammer Magician's Circle Magnet Force Malevolent Catastrophe Mask Of Restrict Mask Of Weakness Metalmorph Metal Reflect Slime Meteorain Michizure Mirror Force Mirror Wall Multiple Destruction Mystical Refpanel Negate Attack Nightmare Wheel Non Aggression Area Nutrient Z Ordeal Of A Traveler
Pegasus Wing Pyramid Of Light Pyro Clock Of Destiny Relay Soul Relieve Monster Return From The Different Dimension Ring Of Destruction Riryoku Field Robbin' Goblin Rope Of Life Royal Decree Seven Tools Of The Bandit Shadow Of Eyes Shadow Spell Shift Skull Dice Skull Invitation Solemn Judgement Solemn Wishes Soul Demolition Soul Rope Spellbinding Circle Stronghold The Moving Fortress The Eye Of The Truth The Regulation Of Tribe Time Machine Time Seal Toon Mask Tornado Wall Torrential Tribute Trap Jammer Trap Hole Trap Hole Of Spikes Tyrant Wing Ultimate Offering Virus Cannon Waboku Zero Gravity Zoma The Spirit


BAN (0)

Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy Of The End
Cyber Jar
Diabound Kernel
Egyptian God Slime
Fiber Jar
Morphing Jar
The Winged Dragon Of Ra - Sphere Mode
Witch Of The Black Forest

4 Starred Ladybug Of Doom
Breaker The Magical Warrior
Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon
Divine Serpent Geh
Exodia The Forbidden One
Glife The Phantom Bird
Green Gadget
Holding Arms
Holding Legs
Injection Fairy Lily
Lava Golem
Left Arm Of The Forbidden One
Left Leg Of The Forbidden One
Legion The Fiend Jester
Magician Of Faith
Nightmare Penguin
Obelisk,The Tormentor
Red Gadget
Right Arm Of The Forbidden One
Right Leg Of The Forbidden One
Slifer The Sky Dragon
The Winged Dragon Of Ra
The Winged Dragon Of Ra - Immortal Phoenix
Valkyrie Brunhilde
Valkyrie Dritte
Valkyrie Zweitte
Wall Of Illusion

Blast Sphere
Blue Flame Swordsman
D.D. Warrior
Doomcaliber Knight
Fortune Chariot
Guardian Eatos
Hexe Trude
Kaiser Glider
Lord Of The Red
Magician's Valkyria
Man-Eater Bug
Marauding Captain
Mask Of Darkness
Old Vindictive Magician
Silent Swordsman Lv.5

BAN (0)
Butterfly Dagger Elma
Change Of Heart
Dark Hole
Dark Sanctuary
Gingerbread House
Graceful Charity
Harpie's Feather Duster
Mirage Of Nightmare
Mischief Of The Time Goddess
Monster Reborn
Painful Choice
Pot Of Greed
Premature Burial
Soul Charge

Anti-Magic Arrows
Brain Control
Card Destruction
Card Of Demise
Card Of Last Will
Card Of Safe Return
Chain Energy
Cold Wave
Dimension Fusion
Final Light
Five Stars Twilight
Giant Trunade
Glass Slippers
Goddess Skuld's Oracle
Goddess Verdande's Guidance
Goddess Urd's Verdict
Gold Sarcophagus
Golden Castle Of Strongberg
Heavy Storm
Iron Cage
Limiter Removal
Lullaby Of Obedience
Mage Power
Mystical Space Typhoon
Nightmare Steelcage
Reinforcement Of The Army
Ride Of The Valkyries
Soul Taker
Swords Of Revealing Light
Temple Of The Kings
The Claw Of Hermos
The Dark Door
The Eye Of Timaeus
The Fang Of Critias
The Seal Of Orichalcos
The Shallow Grave
Ties Of The Brethren
Tribute Burial
Valkyrie's Embrace
Water Of Life

Magical Dimension
Nobleman Of Crossout

BAN (0)
Imperial Order
Mirror Force
Torrential Tribute
Ultimate Offering

Apple Of Enlightenment
Bottomless Trap Hole
Call Of The Haunted
Cards Of Last Will
Crush Card Virus
Dark Renewal
Dark Spell Regeneration
Exchange Of The Spirit
Fairy Box
Gravity Bind
Last Turn
Loge's Flame
Magic Cylinder
Malevolent Catastrophe
Non Aggression Area
Metal Reflect Slime
Nightmare Wheel
Return From The Different Dimension
Ring Of Destruction
Solemn Judgement
Time Seal
Trap Hole With Spikes

Magic Jammer
Royal Decree
Seven Tools Of The Bandit
Zoma The Spirit

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